The art of Janneman

Jan (nickname “Janneman”) is a prominent member of the Dutch/Belgian pipe smokers forum. He is a walking pipe and tobacco encyclopaedia and many people started smoking pipe after seeing one of his movies or reading his Pijpenboek. Because of this one of the forum-tobaccos was named after him as a gesture to honour the good man. Throughout the years Jan made many beautiful, atmospheric and sometimes humoristic pictures and still lifes of himself smoking and of his pipes and tobaccos combined with other pleasures of life. For me these images have a certain nostalgic quality which never fails to ease my mind. Whenever I feel stressed out I look at one of Jan’s pictures and the burdens of the day fall from my shoulders. So pick out one of your favourite pipes, fill it with whatever tobacco you like and set it aflame, pour some whisky or another beverage in a glass and slowly scroll through the images beneath. Enjoy.

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