0 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a smoky 2017!

  1. A very Merry Christmas, Arno. Love reading your posts and articles.
    Hoping that you will have plenty of opportunities for some great pipefuls this holiday.

  2. Just remember Arno….if it wasn’t for all the smoke that all of us pipe puffers create…there would be no beautiful clouds up in the skies.
    Cheers to everyone from Seattle, Wa.

  3. Oh for the days when the only 6 pack a Santa needed was full of triple strength Winter Ale, cherry brandy counted as one of his 5 a day and he brought the children their presents with nicotine stained fingers…and he didn’t even have to get his worker elves to put a safety notice about 3rd hand smoke on the gifts : “Warning these presents were handled by a smoker”.

    These days he’d have to egt his Sled certified for carbon emissions- air miles much?


    Merry Feast Of Ringing Cash Tills and Hand Wringing Healthistas, Arno

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