The best of the Dutch Pipe Smoker

busylogoThis month there is no new blogpost going to be made by me. I am simply too busy to do proper research at the moment (work, social life (yes I actually do have a life thank you!) and a new forum tobacco) and because of a very nasty cold I haven’t smoked much last couple of weeks.. But this gives me an opportunity to bring some (older) blogposts of mine to the attention. I started on 2 February 2013 (when I was still young and beautiful..) with this blog and since then made 110 posts. And I still have lots to write about! There is one funny thing I want to mention, throughout the years this picture is by far the most viewed one… You pervs!

About myself
– How I started pipe-smoking: Humble Beginnings part 1, 2 and 3
– About my girlfriend Ellen: The Woman Behind The (Dutch) Pipe Smoker
– Me on the Pipes Magazine radio show: Dutch Pipe Smoker on Pipes Magazine Radio Show of April 14, 2015

About tobacco species
– Latakia: Latakia Lover and Syrian Latakia
– Virginia: Voluptuous Virginia
– Orientals: Oriental Opulence part 1 and 2
– Burley: Beloved Burley
– Perique: Peppery Perique
– Semois: Sunny Semois
– Cavendish: Candy Cavendish

Dutch tobacco history
– About tobacco cultivation: Dutch tobacco cultivation (no, not weed…)
– About the Dutch tobacco trade: Dutch tobacco trade
– About tobacco in the Napoleonic period: Napoleonic imperial tobacco
– About Pool’s tobacco company: Pool’s tobacco, there is no better
– About the Diepenveensche Tabak Centrale: The tale of the “Diepenveensche Tabak Centrale”

– About women and pipe-smoking: ♪ Got a pipe smoking woman ♪
– Interview with German master-blender Hans Wiedemann: Interview with master-blender Hans Wiedemann from HU Tobacco – Part 1, 2 and 3
– About Martin Romijn, the Dutch master stone-cutter who makes tampers and ashtrays: Stonecutter’s Story
– A history of pipe-smoking in the Middle East: One Thousand and One Smoky Nights
– WTF? Vintage Dunhill tobacco made in… Germany?: Vintage Dunhill tobacco made in… Germany!?
– Atmospheric pictures made by Janneman: The art of Janneman
– History of snuff and a visit to Dutch windmills who used to make it: Sniff that snuff

– About the prince-shape: The Prince of Pipes
– About the corncob pipe: Another Dutch invention: the modern corncob pipe
– About the Dunhill Shell pipe: The Dunhill Shell Story
– About Ian Walker of Northern Briars: 2014 PRF-pipe made by Ian Walker
– About Dutch clay pipes: Dutch Clay Pipes
– About Frisian pipe maker Meindert: The Frisian prince
– About Oguz Simsek: The Demon Skull Pipe
– About the Dutch Big Ben factory: 2015 PRF-pipe made by Big Ben
– About a stunning bulldog shaped pipe made by Samuel McLardy in 1890: The McLardy bulldog

Places I visited
– Austria, Salzkammergut region: Awesome Austria
– Belgium, Semois region: Semois expedition 2014
– Belgium, Wuustwezel: Pleasures of life in Belgium 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
– France, Normandy: Nourishingly Normandy
– Germany, Aachen: Amazing Aachen
– Germany, Bergheim, Peter Heinrichs’ store: Heavenly Heinrichs
– Germany, Cologne: Christmas time in Cologne
– Germany, Dortmund, Inter Tabac Fair: Inter-Tabac 2013 impression, 2014, 2015, 2016
– Germany, Düsseldorf: Christmas time in Düsseldorf
– Germany, Kiel, Motzek store: Marvellous Motzek
– Germany, Lauenburg, the DTM/Danpipe factory: Luxury tobacco from Lauenburg
– Netherlands, Amsterdam: A visit to Amsterdam
– Netherlands, Breda: A tobacconist and a wedding in Breda
– Netherlands, Heukelum: Hospitable Heukelum 2013, 2014, 2015
– Netherlands, Zutphen: Zestful Zutphen 2013, 2014, 2015
– Scotland: The adventures of the Fuming Four in Scotland part 1 and 2
– Spain, Seville: Springtime in Seville – Part 1 and 2

Tobacco diverse
– Why does the tobacco in my pipe taste different as opposed to what I smell in the tin/pouch?: Who’s afraid of chemistry? (by Paul) – Part 1 and 2
– Stories about the origin of tobacco: The Devil’s Gift
– Like drinking whisky and smoking a pipe? Read this: Whisky and Tobacco (by Paul) – Part 1 and 2
– All you want to know about different tobacco cuts: Cut, cut, cut!
– About pipe-tobacco and aromas: Attractive Aromas
– About the ageing of pipe-tobacco: The older the better
– About the curing of tobacco: Curing is the cure

Tobacco reviews
– Balkan Sobranie Original Smoking Mixture: The new Balkan Sobranie
– Bengal Slices: Let’s celebrate the return of Bengal Slices
– Capstan Original Navy Cut: Oh Capstan, my Capstan
– ChocoLat, HU Tobacco: Latakia and… Chocolate???
– Craven Mixture, Carreras: I crave for some Craven Mixture
– Escudo: Escudo; the VaPer king
– HH Vintage Syrian, MacBaren & 3 Oaks Syrian, McClelland: HH Vintage Syrian vs. 3 Oaks Syrian
– Olaf’s Favourite English, HU Tobacco: Arno’s.. Ehrr.. Olaf’s Favourite English
– Penzance, Esoterica Tobacciana: Precious Penzance
– Presbyterian: Palatable Presbyterian
– Renaissance Reserve, GL Pease: The legend of Renaissance (Reserve)
– Rich Dark Flake, Germain & Stonehaven, Esoterica Tobacciana: Germain Rich Dark Flake vs. Esoterica Stonehaven